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Which of your friends will go crazy for Zeat Art this Christmas?

- The novelty gift lover -

At Zeat Art, we like to think outside the box. We like it so much that we designed our posters with this very concept in mind. If you have a friend who appreciates the concept of novelty art and likes to push the boundaries with their interior decoration, then our posters are for them.

- The Theatre mad friend -

We know first-hand that there are plenty of these around … us included! For those of you who are (or know of) a theatre nut, then let us help by bringing back all those incredible theatre related memories. We have created a souvenir that can proudly hang in your home, so that you can continue your passion without having the bold brash colours of the show merchandise.

- The interior design guru -

Our posters are a perfect mix of originality and uniformity, and that is why we can assure you that no matter what your style is, Zeat Art will suit your home. We are both neutral and a talking piece and the posters look fab in any combination.

- The friend ‘in the business’ –

Be it actor, musician, or someone running the show from behind the scenes, a little reminder of how awesome they were in that certain role is always going to be a winner. We like to call it the ‘boasting wall’


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