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The 4th Wall

Welcome to the 4th wall…

Photo of Suzy Halstead at Cirkus Stockholm

Our Zeat Art posters just happen to be a mirror image of what actors look out on every night whilst in the middle of their monologues. Imagining the auditorium as a 4th wall allows the actor to feel secure within their surroundings, and (almost) forget that there are thousands of people watching their every move. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, and in our opinion, makes ZA all the more remarkable and relevant to each performer.

On top of that, ZA gives a unique opportunity to those who are more comfortable participating within the audience rather than participating on stage. When you look at our beautiful posters, you get to see what your favourite actor sees every night when playing the show. You get to look at their 4th wall; even better, you get to OWN their 4th wall!

Have you ever felt like an actor has looked directly at you when delivering a line? I have… It’s very exciting and also a little uncomfortable! But the truth is, unless you are seated within the first few rows of the stalls, it’s really unlikely (with all the show lighting) that they would be able to see your face. The 4th wall tends to be a silhouette of hair-do’s, and maybe a few exit signs thrown in there for safe measure. Unless of course, someone is checking their facebook homepage… then one’s face is lit like a beacon for all on stage to see ;-) Even though we can’t see your smiles or tears, we can feel them, and the atmosphere given off from the 4th wall is crucial and more helpful than you could ever imagine.

For the performer and the audience member, Zeat Art has proven to display a representation of a hundred memories and emotions: ranging from fear to excitement; a first job to the last venue of an extensive tour; a load of new friends to the perfect opportunity to be quiet, still and fully immersed. It’s all there within one classic design: a tribute; a reminder; a souvenir.

Photo of Suzy Halstead at Cirkus in Stockholm 2017

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