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After many years of working as an actor in shows like Les Miserables, Wicked, Tarzan, Phantom of the opera etc, I wanted something significant to display my career.


Decorating my Stockholm apartment with the original show posters felt out of place with the Scandinavian look. I have always liked the sight of an empty auditorium or a chart of seats in an old theater, and so the idea of creating contemporary posters of seating plans was born. 


With the help of my architect friend

Sebastian Mühlbauer, I now had the perfect representation of my career, and my flat didn't look bad either!


We loved what we created and so did my colleagues. Realizing that all my acting friends now wanted ”their” theatres printed too, we decided to launch Zeat Art.


We hope you like what you see and look forward to seeing our art on your walls!

x Anton Zetterholm 

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