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New beginnings

And what we know so far…

Zeat Art has now been launched for a little over 2 months, and we wanted to share with you some of the things we have learnt during this busy opening time for our new company.

  1. You guys love the product … Hurrah! We have had so much positive feedback for the concept, the design, and the received packages. Who doesn’t like to be loved? So thank you to those who have commented with your thoughts. It really spurred us on to work hard and create more theatres to add to the ZA collection.

  2. Zeat Art posters are representations of sentimental importance. We knew that the posters looked amazing on the wall, and that they signified important occasions for all sorts of different people with all sorts of different lives, but we didn’t realise how amazing the stories behind the posters could be. Whether it’s the place you first met your loved one, or where you made your debut acting performance, you guys have shared so many lovey stories with us and we have so enjoyed knowing that we can help celebrate these wonderful memories. Which brings us on to….

  3. We’ve made loads of new friends, and friends help each other out. THANK YOU guys for spreading the Zeat Art word! We have now reached over 200 sales and we couldn’t have done it without you.

  4. Some theatres are really hard to re-create. Sorry to those of you who have asked for specific seating plans for specific shows. Some of the auditoriums are slightly changed over the years and at the moment we don’t have the time to have a variety of configurations for each theatre. Having said this, please keep writing to us and letting us know if you want a certain variety of seating plan, we will get round to it eventually!

  5. We’ve had our first negative comment on a thread. No-one ever gets famous without being the subject of a chat thread. So thanks to those guys involved… we’re flattered that you’re talking about us ;-)

  6. A handful of products have been damaged in transit. We are reviewing our packaging in order to ensure our posters stay safe and damage free on their long journeys. Thank you to those who have sent us photos of any damaged/creased packages. We want the product to arrive in perfect condition so you can proudly hang it on your wall.

  7. You lot are really generous! A large percentage of our sales have been gifts. Proving that Zeat Art posters make the perfect present. WELCOME TO THE BLOG! X ZA

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